Farewell, EDTC 6104! Course Reflections

We’ve arrived! Tonight I submit my action plan and officially delete my Google Classroom EDTC 6104 bookmark (that’s what kids say these days instead of “close the books” on a specific course). Finishing this class marks the halfway point in SPU’s Digital Education Leadership program. Just a year ago I joined the inaugural cohort pursuing a masters of education degree and by this time next year I, hopefully, will be a newly minted graduate. This post are my reflections on this past course, EDTC 6104 Digital Learning Environments.

Action Plan

The main project in the course was to create an extensive action plan. The action plan is essentially strategic plan for developing and implementing a digital learning environment. My previous post was a pitch for my action plan idea. The project was quite an interesting process to go through. As I developed my plan for a second iteration of an untethered teaching community of practice for faculty members at SPU, I integrated much from what I learned over this course. My professors and awesome cohort members asked tough questions, cheered me on, and redirected my confusing sections.

Tuning Protocol

We participated in the Tuning Protocol to evaluate each other’s action plans. This was quite the experience! It was my first time learning about it and implementing it. While awkward at times, the protocol allowed space for deep reflection, insightful feedback, and brainstorming conversation. The Tuning Protocol provided different ways to engage with the work and allowed space for reflection and critical insight. Often, for example, if you present something feedback comes quickly. If you are a critic you have to have feedback immediately and if you are the presenter you might not have a chance to respond. I appreciated both the ability to reflect on the document via Google Docs and to share warm and cool feedback. Furthermore, as a presenter I was provided an opportunity to respond to specific areas of confusion or areas I neglected.

What’s Next

I am already working on implementing many components and ideas birthed through the action plan process. While I won’t be able to do everything I envisioned, I am able to reflect thoughtfully about all of the components and will keep ideas in my back pocket for future iterations. I am currently working with my colleague, Robbin, to finalize the first quarter of activities and building content in the Canvas shell. This course provided me the opportunity to engage in new topics, brainstorm and reflect on different ideas, explore new resources, and develop a practical real-world framework–my strategic action plan for the second iteration of an untethered teaching community of practice. A special thanks to our fearless professors: Rolin Moe and Ellen Dorr. In addition, my cohort peeps–full of awesomeness–and are always there for me: Marsha Scott, Annie Tremonte, and Becky Todd. I am in awe of their intelligence, friendship, and endless desire to impact the world of education in grand, smart, and amazing ways.

It is finished! I plan to take a summer break from my blogging activities, but any day now I will begin a new adventure as a dad! I’ve been told my life will never be the same and I can’t wait! Look for me on Twitter or Instagram; I promise to limit posts about poopy diapers, but you just might see my child using an iPhone… Cheers!

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