1C Summary and Evidence


“Advocate for policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines.”

Partnering with Various People to Secure iMacs (image by Ryan Ingersoll)
Partnering with Various People to Secure iMacs (image by Ryan Ingersoll)
Procuring Equipment (image by Ryan Ingersoll
Procuring Equipment (image by Ryan Ingersoll

1C Summary

  • Formal and informal collaboration across university departments over the last two years allowed me to support various programs, develop educational technology infrastructure, and support enhancements to teaching and learning spaces.
  • I advocate for education-based technological enhancements in a number of ways. Approaching classrooms and labs with a “technology is in the service of teaching and learning” mindset is a guiding principle. My experience includes working together to make strategic purchases and shared implementations.

1C Evidence

  • 2013-2015: Served as interim lab pool manager overseeing and helping steward $140,000 effectively for four technology lab areas (art, library, music, and sciences).
  • 2015+: Collaborated with assistant provost, IT director, and faculty educational technology team to update campus learning space technologies.
  • Advocated and helped create/manage shared macOS image and management across campus.
  • Spearheaded campus-wide purchasing for Apple orders with a representative (vs. individual ordering from the retail store). This transition and collaboration saved thousands of dollars and maximized our budget.