3C Summary and Evidence


“Coach teachers in and model use of online and blended learning, digital content, and collaborative learning networks to support and extend student learning as well as expand opportunities and choices for online professional development for teachers and administrators.

Building Instructor Presence with Intro Video (image by Ryan Ingersoll)
Building Teacher Presence with Intro Video (image by Ryan Ingersoll)

3C Summary

Digital Wisdom for Work Course

  • I co-taught an undergraduate course, “Digital Wisdom for Work,” this year as a fully online course. My colleague and I met with an instructional designer to move our course from a face-to-face course (taught in 2014-2015) to a fully online course (2015-2016). We focused on intentional teacher presence and redesigned all components for an online environment.
  • For example, in the face-to-face version students shared their understanding of their vocational calling with each other. In the online course, students recorded their vocational calling stories and their peers provided feedback through comments (we used YouTube to host the video and Canvas for the comments).
  • Furthermore, we limited videos to less than six minutes, at the advice of the instructional designer, to increase student engagement.
  • The online course was taught using Canvas and incorporated a wide variety of activities for students to engage (e.g., discussion board, optional face-to-face meetings, videos, student created screencasts, and the use of reflective assessments.
  • Part of my role co-teaching the class was focused on building the course online and managing the online learning environment.

Coaching Professors

  • Using Google Slides:
    • In 2014-2015, I co-led three communities of practice with 24 university professors.
    • I coached one education faculty member to implement active learning strategies and promote the use of online tools to support a blended learning environment.
    • Students worked together in groups to add content to a pre-created publicly editable Google Slide. The students were working on presenting their information together. They started working on the slides in class and could finish us during the next week out of class.
  • Using Intro Videos:
    • In 2015-2016, I co-led a community of practice with 10 university professors.
    • I coached a business faculty member who used his iPad and the Techsmith Relay app to implement intro videos for each class session.
    • The videos not only provided excellent relational teacher presence (e.g., the professor filmed himself around his house such as his deck), but supported ELL students in better understanding the material they were to cover during the week as well as supporting all students with deeper context and unique insight from the professor directly.

3C Evidence

Digital Wisdom for Work Course Portfolio

Coaching Professors Using Technology to Spur Innovation and Creativity in Teaching and Learning