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Halftime Report: Administrators and Professional Development

Introduction I am in the second to last quarter in the Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University. The end is near, but we are still knee deep in reading and learning! This quarter we’re discussing program evaluation and professional learning. In previous courses we posted our bi-weekly research based on various triggering questions. However, this quarter we’re doing… Read more →

Who Is My Peer?

The end is near! This is my first post of the final year in the Digital Education Leadership program! In this course, Educational Technology Leadership, we are exploring peer coaching. As with previous posts, we are presented with an event which is based on the ISTE standards where we refine a given question for our context, explore other resources to help… Read more →

Problem Solving Education in the University

Introduction This is my fourth reflection on the ISTE Standards for Students. This week I explore the fourth standard. As with my previous reflections, I use a four-step process to reflect broadly at first and then when the focuses is narrowed I dive deeper. First, I pose a triggering question; second, I explore various resources and research the topic in… Read more →

Community: The Primary Ingredient for Online Learning

Introduction Last week I posted about ISTE Standards for Students 1 (ISTE 1). If you are interested in learning more about the process I encourage you to visit that post. This week I move to the second standard, ISTE 2. I use the same process as before: I approach the standard with a triggering question, explore the question by researching… Read more →