3G Summary and Evidence


“Use digital communication and collaboration tools to communicate locally and globally with students, parents, peers, and the larger community.

Submarine Cable Map 2016 (image by TeleGeography)
Submarine Cable Map 2016 (image by TeleGeography)

3G Summary

  • In an effort to audit my student worker training program at the Tech Desk, I partnered with a peer from George Fox University in Oregon. Over a number of weeks we worked together using a variety of tools (FaceTime, Google Drive) to connect and perform the audit. My team at SPU couldn’t always meet at the same time and we took advantage of using the same collaboration tools.
  • I use Twitter to connect with peers in the educational technology industry. In particular, I use Twitter to participate in larger conversations during conferences.
  • Additionally, I taught a course session for undergraduate students on scholarly communication (2.0) which featured using Twitter as a helpful tool to connect with others across the globe.

3G Evidence

Student Worker Training Audit

Personal Twitter

Scholarly Communications 2.0 Networks