6C Summary and Evaluation


“Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences.

Ponder Where You've Been and Where You're Going (image by Ryan Ingersoll)
Ponder Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Going (image by Ryan Ingersoll)

6C Summary

  • Annually I meet with my supervisor, the library director, to create a work plan for the upcoming academic year (usually in September). The work plan includes my aspirations for the work in the library, connection to the library strategic plan, and specific professional development goals for the year.
  • Each June I meet again with the library director to evaluate the previous year’s work plan. For the last six years, my evaluations provided commendations on my hard work and dedication to developing my abilities to enhance library technology and personal professional development.
  • This past quarter I researched the area of professional development with an administrative lens. I discovered the importance of empowering staff to participate in designing their professional development plans and for the administrator to remain flexible throughout the process.
    • Often a permanent plan for professional development can hinder where learning needs to go–the desires of the learners–and agile learning opportunities can provide a holistic and rich experience for the both the leader and learner. This mindset is to provide flexibility and try new things. This is technology after all, and often we, as leaders, will learn more than we could even imagine during these times.

6C Evidence

Annual work plan evaluations which include self evaluation and supervisor evaluation (not available for dissemination)

Professional Development Essentials: Remaining Flexible and Empowering Staff