Month: June 2015

The Beginning of “The Beginning of Digital Wisdom”

When I am not reading the latest posts from my favorite technology news sites (i.e., GeekWire, The Verge, re/code, and MacStories) I enjoy learning about how things began: history is captivating through the endless stories (check out HistoryLink!). Everything has a beginning and the purpose of this post is to share about the beginning of “The Beginning of Digital Wisdom.” I plan to… Read more →

An Unconference Model for University Educational Technologists: Edcamp+

Introduction This is the final post for the EDTC 6103! This week the reflection is slightly different focus, but follows the same structure (triggering questions, exploration, integration from cohort, and resolution). This post will incorporate thoughts about ISTE Standards for Teachers 5 and ISTE Standards for Coaches 2. I appreciate any feedback you might have. I invite you to comment on… Read more →