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Improving Technology Integration with Classroom Management Strategies

I invite you to explore a professional development session my colleagues and I created! A group project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for EDTC 6102 for the degree of Master of Education in Digital Education Leadership at Seattle Pacific University. This lesson plan, based on the ASSURE model, is a professional development session for educators interested in improving… Read more →

The Disrupted Church: Sharing Virtual Learning in Physical Community

In the fourth chapter Christensen presents his visions for a student-centric learning environment within the public school system. He argues for ways that online learning (l. 1770-1772) can be used disruptively to enhance the learning of students and provide time for teachers to respond individually to a specific student’s need (l. 1895-1898). Addtionally, Christensen argues that online learning will change… Read more →