The Beginning of “The Beginning of Digital Wisdom”

When I am not reading the latest posts from my favorite technology news sites (i.e., GeekWire, The Verge, re/code, and MacStories) I enjoy learning about how things began: history is captivating through the endless stories (check out HistoryLink!). Everything has a beginning and the purpose of this post is to share about the beginning of “The Beginning of Digital Wisdom.” I plan to update this page as the timeline develops further.

It has been fun to work with my colleague, Michael Paulus, on this project and I encourage you to visit Michael’s site to learn more about digital wisdom among other things.

September 27th, 2014

Christ & Cascadia Conference (Seattle, Wash.)

We presented at the inaugural Christ & Cascadia conference. The conference was held at First Church in Seattle.

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“Digital Wisdom for the Digital Age: Spirituality and Technology in the 21st Century”

View the conference website

View the paper on my SelectedWorks page

View the slides on my SelectedWorks page

June 3rd, 2015

CCCU Commission on Technology Conference (Santa Barbara, Calif.)

We presented an updated version with insight from a graduate course, Ethics and Values in Digital Education Leadership, which I participated as a student and Michael taught, and an undergraduate course, Digital Wisdom for Work, which we co-taught. The conference was held at Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

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“The Beginning of Digital Wisdom”

View the conference website

View the abstract on my Selected Works page

View the slides on my SelectedWorks page

A video of the presentation is available on YouTube and embedded below. However, the following screen captures are much more entertaining.

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