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Professional Development Essentials: Remaining Flexible and Empowering Staff

Introduction My last post provided summaries from the first half of the quarter. This post will cover my reflections on the remaining two modules I completed. First, a quick recap. I am in the second to last quarter in the Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University. This quarter we’re discussing program evaluation and professional learning. In previous courses… Read more →

Halftime Report: Administrators and Professional Development

Introduction I am in the second to last quarter in the Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University. The end is near, but we are still knee deep in reading and learning! This quarter we’re discussing program evaluation and professional learning. In previous courses we posted our bi-weekly research based on various triggering questions. However, this quarter we’re doing… Read more →

Digital Wisdom for Work Course Portfolio

Digital Wisdom for Work Course Portfolio Undergraduate Teaching and Instructional Design I co-taught a grant-funded undergraduate course in 2014-2015 (face-to-face) and 2015-2016 (online) called Digital Wisdom for Work. I created the course and managed it in Blackboard for the face-to-face course. For the 2015-2016 course, which was fully online, I designed the course in Canvas. The items in the portfolio are a… Read more →

Untethered Teaching Communities of Practice Portfolio

Untethered Teaching Portfolio Faculty Development I co-facilitated four communities of practice (CoP) over the past two years. The first year (2014-2015) consisted of a year-long cohort of 24 faculty divided up into three separate CoPs that met monthly. We built the course using Google+ Communities and used Google Drive with shared documents (e.g., shared agendas). The second year (2015-2016) was… Read more →

Tech Desk Portfolio

Tech Desk Portfolio Student & Faculty Support and Employee Management I directed the development and launch of this student educational technology center housed in the library at SPU. The Tech Desk provides technology tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share. The Tech Desk is open during regular library hours and staffed by trained peer mentors ready… Read more →

Peer Coaching in Review

Introduction This is the final post reflecting on EDTC 6105 and peer coaching. Over the past 10 weeks we’ve learned about peer coaching and explored in-depth how to integrate technology and pedagogy while providing a collaborative and inquiry-based environment for our peer teacher. This blog post will share my reflections on a number of questions posed by the professors and… Read more →

Rethinking Course Design with POGIL

ISTE Standards for Coaches This is my final blog post for the quarter based on the ISTE standards. In this module, the fourth, I integrate the ISTE Standards for Coaches 1D & 2F. Triggering Event What skills, resources and processes will you use to help peers co-plan learning activities they want to improve? Triggering Question How might Process Oriented Guided… Read more →

Play to Learn Technology and 21st Century Skills

ISTE Standards for Coaches This is my third post for the quarter. In this module we continue to explore the first and second standards, visionary leadership and teaching, learning, and assessment. We also reflect on the sixth standard, content knowledge and personal growth. I appreciate the interplay between these three standards because they encourage a focus on how the coach… Read more →

Creating a Safe Space for Authentic Communication and Collaboration

ISTE Standards for Coaches This week centers around the first and second standards; visionary leadership, covering part d; and teaching, learning, and assessment, covering part f. These standards encourage coaches to “sustain technology innovation” and model “best practices in instructional design” when working with peer teachers. Triggering Event The triggering event, in which we build our own question, “What roles… Read more →