Tech Desk Portfolio

Tech Desk Portfolio

Student & Faculty Support and Employee Management

I directed the development and launch of this student educational technology center housed in the library at SPU. The Tech Desk provides technology tools, assistance, and space for students to discover, create, and share. The Tech Desk is open during regular library hours and staffed by trained peer mentors ready to assist students with their educational technology needs. This section of the portfolio highlights key online documents I developed for training and informational purposes. The chart below are usage statistics since opening in 2011.

2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
Visits 2029 (23 consultations) 3632 (61 consultations) 3693 (69 consultations) 3389 (69 consultations)
Tech Tools Circulated 1583 4669 6275 7225
Classes Supported 7 8 5 2
Computers 90 90 89 91
Tech Tools 35 122 157 177
Patron Counts 3463 3728 5721 5146

Support and Info for the Public

Tech Desk Online Support Wiki (link to production page)
Created with Confluence

About the Tech Desk (link to production page with video)

Filmed with a DSLR, RØDE microphone, and edited with Final Cut Pro

One-on-one support (link to production page)

Apple TV instructions (link to production page)

Tips for presentations (link to production page)

Info about a circulating DSLR camera (link to production page)

Support and tools for video projects (link to production page)

Private Section for Tech Desk Consultants

Instructions on digitizing an old VHS using Elgato software (screenshot below)elgato

Instructions on using Square payment app with iPad (screenshots below)square 1 square 2

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