Personal Spirituality Remodel: Initial Inspection

Part 5 of 5 :: Initial Inspection

At the end of important milestones during a building project the city inspector is invited in to make sure the work is performed to code and progressing appropriately. Often insepctors dig deeper than most prefer, but their work is crucial to maintain standards and safety for future occupants. At the close of Winter Quarter 2013 the inspection is due on the progress of the remodel of my personal spirituality.

USACE, transferring keys to temporary home Photo by USACE HQ on Flickr

I don’t see crazy change in my spiritual life yet, but I am starting to be more aware of God’s involvement in my life and work in all of creation. The biggest change I notice is that I don’t need to feel like I have to do things. Rather, I notice that God is present and I am free and encouraged to join the world He is already involved in and inviting me to. This is a foundational mindset change. I know it in my head as knowledge, but now I need to really believe it and practice it. I plan to continue spiritual direction with Pat and I am excited to get my hands dirtier and keep forming and reforming my personal spirituality!

At the inspection the inspector pulls out the original building plans and permits to compare what I said I was going to do and what has actually happened. Below I reconciled the practicum learning contract and the actual progress.

Learning Objectives:

  • I want to learn more about my experience and my history with spiritual practices and why I (at this point) don’t appreciate them. Additionally, I am interested in beginning to find practices that are life–giving and help me to build a rhythm for my life that is sustainable. [I did learn more about my experience and history as I unpacked my history with Pat. I started to understand how my history impacts my current spiritual life. Pat was able to provide a couple of ways I can practice encountering God and noticing the presence of God.]

Learning Activities:

  • Meeting with spiritual director – 12 hours [8 hours, Pat was unavailable for a couple of weeks]
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines (production of evaluation)  – 15 hours [10 hours]
  • Researching and experiencing spiritual disciplines  – 10 hours [10 hours, I spent time reading about the Examen and watching videos]
  • Reflecting on the process – 3 hours [10 hours, production of blog posts]


  • I will produce a spiritual disciplines journal from what I did and I will reflect on the journal. [blog posts]
  • I will share about anything new I learned about spiritual direction in general and how the process went for me. [blog posts and final in-person meeting]

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